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Whole Home Repair & Maintenance

Comprehensive home repair can help you save money and time if you have problems with your heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical systems. Here’s how you can get your whole house taken care of in one fell swoop.

John: Hey, I’m John Maher and I’m here today with Joe DiPietro, president of DiPietro Heating, Cooling, Plumbing, and Electrical. Today we’re talking about Taking Care of the Whole House. Welcome Joe.

Joe: Good morning John.

Taking Care of the Whole House – When You Need Comprehensive Home Repair

John: Joe, when you talk about Taking Care of the Whole House, what are you referring to?

Joe: Well, when we first started, we primarily did heating and cooling, and a lot of the customers were asking if we did other work, whether it would be electrical or plumbing. I guess it was just from listening to the customer’s needs that we decided to bring on some of the electricians and the plumbers as well.

John: All right, so that all the customer has to do is just contact you guys, just one stop shop, and you can take care of all of the mechanical systems that are in a house?

Joe: Yes, definitely, yes.

The Importance of the Systems in Your Home

John: All right. Why are these home systems like heating and cooling, and the plumbing and electric so important to a home?

Joe: Well, basically they run the house. When the heating system breaks, it’s not going to be on your 95 degree day, it’s going to be on your zero degree day and vice versa with the air conditioner, it’s usually going to break on the hottest day of the year.

John: If you lose one of these systems, like your electric is out, you have major problems in your house.

Joe: Yes, definitely.

John: Your refrigerator doesn’t work anymore, your food can spoil, if you lose the water in your house for some reason, you’re not able to take a shower, [if the] the heating [is out], you’re not able to take a hot shower.

Joe: Exactly yes.

John: Like you said in the winter, your heat goes out in the winter, it doesn’t take very long for the heat in your home to go way down.

Joe: Yes, definitely and pipes [will be] freezing and everything else.

Home Repair and Maintenance Needed to Keep Important Systems Functional

John: What kind of maintenance is required to keep all of these systems functioning properly?

Joe: An annual checkup is usually what we recommend on the systems. We can usually tell you before you’re going to have a major issue. If it’s a drain being blocked, they just don’t become plugged immediately, there are some telltale signs. The same thing with an air conditioner or a heating system, there’s set parameters from the manufacturer [that] they recommend the system be operating in. What we’ve got to do is go out and confirm that it’s inside those parameters, [and] if it’s not inside those parameters we can make [home repair] recommendations to avoid those break downs in the worst possible time.

John: Okay, when I call you and I have you come in say on an annual basis and check out my home, do I have to make separate appointments to have you come and check out the heating and cooling, and then have somebody else come in later and check out the electric? Or do you do that all at once?

Joe: Well, it’s different licenses, so there are multiple different appointments that we would make and we usually do it in the seasons that they’re in. Obviously coming into the fall, we’ll do your heating system. Coming into the spring, we’ll do your air conditioning system. Then we piggy back the plumbing with the heating usually go hand in hand, and then the AC and the electrical go hand in hand as well.

Replacement of Home Systems

John: Okay, interesting. What happens when these systems then need to be replaced or upgraded?

Joe: That when we would either get one of our competent advisors or one of our home managing assessment guys out to take a look at the way your house is performing. Again, taking that whole home approach, so we can look at how well your house is insulated, what type of windows you have, and make some recommendations on ways that we can improve some efficiencies, whether it’s upgrading your system, or insulating your attic to actually put a smaller system in. There are a lot of different possibilities.

Saving Money on Energy Bills with Home Repair

John: You actually do an energy audit, where you can tell me how I might be able to save some money on my energy bills?

Joe: Yes, Definitely. We utilize a Mass Save Program and can get you a free energy assessment. Then we’ll make some recommendations based off of what we find.

John: Great, all right. Well, that’s really great information Joe, thanks again for speaking with me today.

Joe: Thanks.

John: For more information, visit or call (978) 372-4111.



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