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DiPietro 100% satisfaction guaranteeAt DiPietro Heating Cooling Plumbing our entire service, maintenance, and professional staff is dedicated to ensuring that your next service or installation is completed to YOUR total satisfaction. Our expert service technicians and installers are trained in the latest advancements in heating and cooling technologies.

Check out our hundreds of satisfied reviews listed here and across the web. We are on call for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year. Even during the coldest or hottest days of the year.

Our Customers Speak

As a homeowner you want value:  great professional service, respectful service people, helpful office staff, prompt arrival, and the comfort of knowing the people coming into your home have been thoroughly screened for safety.  At DiPietro Heating Cooling Plumbing our staff meets rigorous training requirements, are professional and respectful, and have been through thorough background checks before being hired.

There’s nothing like hearing from the customers of a company to get an understanding of the quality you can expect. Hear from a few of ours:

“I am sorry it took so long to write this. I honestly had thought about if for some time. I was thinking about just how to write this because I have never (unfortunately) had such award winning, world class service from beginning to end. It didn’t matter who I talked to they were kind, courteous and put my needs and concerns at the forefront of the moment, day, call etc.

When I met Adam back in October he had come to my house he was like the 4th or 5th guy I had to come take a look at my heating system. I had already heard from several others that they could fix this but it would be like gimmicky fix for now but it have heat. Well Adam came and had such a great attitude, he was empathetic with our situation and spoke to me a bit before we headed into the basement. Once we were there he was the only person that asked if I could turn on the other basement lights. This may sound silly to most but it showed me he wanted the full picture. It also proved to me that he wasn’t just going to eye ball it and give me a quote. I truly feel like he did me a favor by asking me this small request because he was able to uncover that my water boiler was reasonably old as well and could be included in this repair. Most wouldn’t consider this good new and neither would I but I would rather know versus spend all this money and exhaust all resources only to have my water boiler go in the months to come with nothing more to fund the project. Overwhelming at the time but knowing now was a good thing.

Adam took his time and did a great job explaining the whole Mass Saves program down to the rebates and how it would work. Adam also made me feel quite at ease that all he had just explained would be handled by his office and staff. Huge relief. I took all the info and his card and told him I needed to talk to my husband and would get back to him by the end of the day.

Well when I finally called him back I dialed and his number was already in my phone stored as ADAM HVAC really nice guy. HA I chuckled, and then I remembered. When we were selling our condo the buyers requested we have the furnace replaced and I must have talked to Adam at that time also and clearly he left a lasting impression on me.

Donna in the office practically knew my name, number on the caller ID and knew about my situation, knew the timeline of all my issues, calls process of the project everything. She too was so kind to me on the phone re explaining and reiterating all the things Adam had said. It was really nice to speak with her because she always knew where the guys were and what status the project was at.

Rob, Kurt, Miguel, Brandon and there was a couple more were the build crew the night they came to install. Might I add they worked from 7:30 am until 10:30 pm. Even though we had three heater not working thy still didn’t want to leave until they fixed it.
Rob was adamant about getting it done and if not today he had a plan for the returning day and even still joked that if that didn’t fix the problem he wouldn’t sleep until he had it fixed.

Adam and Donna both checked in with me at several times during the lengthy process as it took almost a month and a half to complete. Not because of any hold up with Dipietro but because the Mass saves home assessment and boiler audit took some time as they completed it in two separate appointments. Which Adam and Donna were so kind to get me in even earlier than I was scheduled calling myself. Adam followed up with me after each appointment. Keeping me on task as well as Mass Saves.
Donna and Adam were actively trying to get me on the install board as I kept them up to date as to when I would get the check.
They installed on 11/15/2016.
Adam called me the very next day to follow up. As well as walked me through the next steps for the rebates and mailed me everything I needed.
I have to say that if this is not the normal process of team work and communication (which I am sure it is) this group of Dipietro employees nailed it to a T. I obviously became very comfortable with Adam and so it was nice that he facilitated and stayed in the mix of it all versus just after knowing he had me sold was out of the picture. He was a great person to keep in contact with. He was always quick to get back to me regardless if I called his cell, the office and or texted and emailed. He was sure to get back to me.

It was also nice to see what a tight nitch group you have. One day I called the office and Donna said Adam was right there and got him and we were all communicating instead of having me play phone tag between Donna and Adam. As well as when the installer were there they all seemed to work in a very cohesive manner together and when things got complex they called and two more guys showed up (after their shift had ended might I add) As a full time working mother of two I know how frustrating it can be to know your shift is over to get a call and have to turn around and go back to work. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate them putting the client first and assisting their team in completing the job. I was also told Joe made an appearance at my house as well although I had not met him another amazing effort that the President would also still be on the ground running assisting his employees. Unlike many time you see the CEO President delegating from an office and or a home office with a hand off approach. No not here at Dipietro. This company and your staff has gone above and beyond in all aspects of this project, from getting to my house for the initial quote. To keeping myself and your staff informed and all on the same page to install where even late at night Rob and I found ourselves conversing over our kids and our mutual bank issues.

Even though I know Rob and whomever are still working on finding a fix for my upstairs bathroom. I would be remised if I didn’t say yet again. From beginning to end your company and staff have blown me away with the impeccable service and communication and team work.
I felt awful keeping your team at my house 10 plus hours knowing they had been there all day in the pouring rain in and out of the house, away from their family and their wives and children. Not on complaint either. Smiles from 7:30 am – 11pm. I admire their work ethic. It’s really hard to come by these days. I have been in customer service almost my whole working career and I take pride in my work and my client service and it clearly shows that your company and staff no matter the role or job responsibility do as well.

Joe, you have a wonderful group of amazing people working for you as I am sure you know. I am very pleased with the work and the service. I look forward to keeping Dipietro as my heating and cooling guys. I am loyal to good service and you have more than earned my loyalty. I will promote you and recommend you like it is my job!

Really I cannot thank you enough, on behalf of myself and my whole Veras Family.
Thank you! Thank You! Thank you for taking such good care of us in such a stressful, involved situation where most would not have handled with such care.”

“Just in time for chilly weather we replaced our 1959 heating system with a new super efficient system. We took advantage of the Mass Save deals and got a $3500 rebate. Dipietro did the installation in one day. The guys were ALL very professional and left the basement cleaner than they found it ! I’m almost looking forward to cold-weather now!”

“Very professional and knowledgeable about the different systems. Installers worked in a timely manner and I was quite satisfied with the workmanship.”

“The heater is phenomenal. What a gift to have a reliable furnace. I feel blessed every time it turns on!”

“The install team showed up on-time and completed the project of a ductless A/C system, within the appointed time frame. It was a tricky install in an old brick building, but everything went great. Definitely would recommend their services.”

“Your company should be proud to have these men representing your company. If all of your employees are this friendly, knowledgeable, eager to please your customers, and diligent, your company will be #1. One of my BIGGEST concerns was the outside of the house being left in the condition they found it. Meaning we were going from a 6-8” square opening for our power venter down to 2-3” PVC pipes. One exhaust, one intake. Nick took a look and assured me that he was confident that he could seal it up tight caulk it and the new appliance affixed to the outside of the house would cover the old hole and I wouldn’t have an exposed wood and the siding would be unscathed. AGAIN, he was right. Came out great. They cleaned the whole area in which they worked including sweeping. I would never know they were there, ‘cept our boiler is different. I am extremely pleased in the services we received by your company and your men. I can’t say enough about them. It was a pleasure to have them here. Please let them know. You can even give each of them a copy of this letter. I told them it was a pleasure dealing with them and that I would call to let them know how happy I was.”



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