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What Time of Year Should I Plan for a New Heating or Cooling System?

The last thing you want is a heating system breaking down on a freezing day or the A/C quitting when it’s 98 degrees. Naturally, service bills are higher when it’s the middle of the night on a weekend!

Plan for replacing your heating and cooling systems just like you plan to replace your car.

The best time of the year to buy is the ‘off’ season. Buy heating systems BEFORE you have to turn it on. That will give you plenty of time to interview HVAC professionals, explore costs and plan for installation. Buy cooling systems before it gets HOT for all the same reasons.

I’ve been told to ask what the SEER rating is?

SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) is a measure of efficiency over an entire cooling season, as opposed to a single outdoor temperature. SEER is the total amount of cooling the air conditioner will provide over the entire cooling season divided by the total number of watt-hours it will consume or: SEER = Seasonal BTUs of cooling / Seasonal watt-hours used.

How does insulation affect my cooling needs?

A home that little shade from surrounding trees and with little insulation needs more air conditioning power than one that is well insulated and shaded. DiPietro Heating and Cooling will size your air conditioning system to most efficiently cool your home. We use Manual J software to size the system. Measure all doors windows, home age.


ENERGY STAR is the trusted, U.S. government-backed symbol for energy efficiency helping us all save money and protect the environment through energy-efficient products and practices.

The ENERGY STAR label makes it easy for consumers to identify and purchase energy-efficient products that offer savings on energy bills without sacrificing performance, features, and comfort.

How Do Baseboards Work?

Baseboards provide convection heat. The pipe will heat up from the boiler calling for hot water, it will take the cold air up off the floor and then it’ll rise up through the copper and aluminum ‘fins’ behind the baseboard and blanket that outside wall with heat.

In the wintertime, it is important the baseboards be kept open and the fins clear of debris and dust. If it’s filled with dusts and it’s been crushed over time, it’s really not allowed for gravity, that natural heat rising effect, to take place and you’ll wind up with a lot of inefficiencies and cold spots in the room. Be careful that you don’t fold over or bend the fins, because you won’t be able to have that heat transfer to take place.

What is a two-stage heating system?

It is a system that basically has two ‘gears’.  During the coldest months the system will take full advantage of both stages to keep your home evenly warm.  During days where it is less than 0 degrees the system will automatically dial back to one stage to keep your home evenly warm and save energy.

Should I consider replacing my forced hot water system with forced hot air?

A lot of people are switching from forced hot water or steam, to air. Air allows for a lot of different things. We can humidify air, we can filter air, we can cool air, we can heat air.

What are some pros and cons of steam heat?

Steam is the oldest system that we have, it’s not the most efficient of systems to have, but in older homes, it provides aesthetics. That’s the big thing when you look at homes that have steam, is keeping that look and that feel. Steam is a nice way to heat; it adds humidity to the air. You’re heating up big cast iron radiators, which holds heat for a while, and still puts heat into the room even after the system shuts off. But it takes twice as long, to actually heat up all that cast iron too. You have basically it’s a giant tea kettle in your basement. The whole time that system is running to generate steam, is wasted energy more or less. Then heating up all those pipes, and heating up all those radiators is, in theory, all wasted energy. But once it all gets heated up, now its really starting to work and producing its heat. It just depends on whether you’re happy with that existing steam system or not.



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