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The Right Tool for the Job – A Six Step Process

Installing the RIGHT size heating or cooling system isn’t a matter of speculation. At DiPietro we employ a SIX STEP PROCESS to ensure you are buying the right tool for the job.

Step 1: Advanced Training

Everyone says they have advanced training, or on the job training. At DiPietro this is KEY first step to right sizing your HVAC system. We work with the nation’s TOP manufacturers who provide our technicians and installers with the state of the art skills to diagnose and fix a problem; our comfort advisers have the expertise and skill to assess each home’s unique requirements. We ensure that everyone is up to date on NEW and emerging technologies and techniques for maximum efficiency.

Step 2: Conduct the DiPietro HVAC System Assessment™

DiPietro Comfort Advisers aren’t in your home to just ‘eye ball’ a solution or to replace the current system with a new one of the same size/capacity. They do a formal assessment of your needs, your home’s heating/cooling loss, and the physical requirements to place the system. Take a look at the assessment so you are prepared for some of the questions.

Step 3: Rebates and Incentives

Heating and cooling systems are investments, like your car. Manufacturers provide varying rebates and financing incentives. In Massachusetts, Mass Save provides MANY rebate and incentive programs and when qualified, 0% financing. Keeping up with all of the requirements can be a challenge. The DiPietro customer service team reviews your Assessment with your Comfort Adviser and includes ALL available incentives, rebates, and requirements.

Next, based on the results of the assessment and a review of your budget and timing, the Comfort Adviser will provide you with a DETAILED written configuration and quote for your new heating system.

Step 4: Operations Review

As part of the configuration and quote process, DiPietro Comfort Advisers take photos of the current installation and surroundings. Those photos, along with the assessment, recommendation and quote are sent to the DiPietro Operations Department where a technical review and approval is required before the system components are ordered. This step ensures that the system will deliver heating/cooling for your home as promised and that any potential installation issues are discovered before the installation team comes to your home. Required local permits are pulled during this phase.

Step 5: Installation Team

Replacing a heating and/or cooling system is a time consuming and specialized process. The old system must be carefully removed and all parts appropriately recycled. The Installation Team typically consists of two or more installers, an assistant and a supervisor. They are responsible for flawless installation and ensuring the installation area is cleaner when we leave than when we came into your home. If our crew has to come through your home, they wear surgical style booties over their boots to protect your floors and carpets.

Depending on the circumstances, new systems can be installed in one day. Our systems have a 100% money back guarantee if you are not totally satisfied!

Step 6: System Sign Off

Prior to local level inspectors (plumbing) signing off on the system as specified, several days after installation a DiPietro HVAC specialist will inspect your new HVAC system to ensure it has been installed correctly, is performing as promised, and that you have no outstanding questions or issues.




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