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Lochinvar High Efficiency Boilers and Water Heaters

Lochinvar products deliver up to 99% thermal efficiency, which means 99 cents out of every fuel dollar spent is usable energy, resulting in lower energy costs.

Lochinvar is one of the leading producers of energy-efficient water heaters and boilers for both homes and businesses. Lochinvar’s passion for new products keeps them on the leading edge of technologies.

LochinvarArmorcondensingwaterheater.Lowell.7systemsserving17units-copy-300x292 (1)High Efficiency Boilers and Water Heaters

Many of the company’s best new product ideas come from customers, and all departments participate in the development process…Marketing, Sales, Engineering, Quality Assurance, Technical Service and Manufacturing.

Lochinvar never puts a new boiler or water heater on the market until rigorous lab and field testing has validated its performance and reliability. Their laboratories are the most advanced in the industry. In fact, Lochinvar operates an accredited CSA Testing and Certification Lab, where certification testing is done in-house by a CSA inspector.



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